It’s too many things that can be seen in Athens to fit in a day. However, in circumstances where time is short, it is possible to get a bit of capital. Provided, of course, to wake up early and you feel like browsing.

Start your ramble from the Acropolis.

At the station of Metro “Acropolis” you can admire the impressive ancient findings brought to light by excavations by the construction of the Metro.

Outside the station you will have before you the first view of the Acropolis. On your left lies the Dionysius Areopagite, a pleasant paved road without cars, with beautiful neoclassical houses of 19th and 20th century. Follow the paved paths created by the Unification of the Archaeological Sites, a project that showed all the beauty of ancient monuments located around the Acropolis, creating the largest archaeological park in Europe. Leave the signs lead you to the road that climbs the Acropolis. Shortly before, on the right you will see the Ancient Theater of Dionysus, the oldest of the major theaters of the world, the birthplace of the ancient drama. Also on the right is the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, built in the 2nd BC century by the Roman Patrician Herodes Atticus. The theater has an impressive acoustics and is therefore used for theater, music and dance even today.

Passing the Conservatory and going a little further down, you will see on your left the Filopappos Hill, with the beautiful church of Agios Dimitrios or Loubardiaris, restored in 1955 by the Greek architect Dimitri Pikionis.

Right, the road leading to the acropolis. Explore this wonderful area and its monuments. Admire the Propylaea, the Parthenon, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike.

Follow the road leading to the Roman Forum, the construction of which was completed in 11 BC and includes many important monuments and buildings. Then enter the narrow streets of Plaka, an old Athenian neighborhood with beautiful homes and yards with flowers. Browse through the streets and witness the ancient, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments.

If you get tired of walking and want a stop, the tavernas of Plaka, commonly found in quiet footpaths and alleys is the best choice for a quick meal.

Then follow the road to Monastiraki. You can visit the ancient, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments located around Monastiraki Square, visit Abyssinia Square, known for its antique shops, or simply wander the streets with countless small shops and old houses.

For the evening, we recommend a stroll in Kolonaki, where you can choose from dozens of restaurants with cuisine from around the world or a coffee bar and club for after midnight.

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